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Great Birthday Party Entertainment in Cleveland Ohio
Rick Smith Jr., is a Cleveland magician and illusionist that performs amazing magic shows and provides fun birthday party entertainment in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas including Akron, Canton, Toledo and Youngstown, Ohio.

Kids Birthday Parties
Rick Smith Jr. makes kids birthday parties extraordinary with an interactive show that includes close up magic, impossible illusions, disappearances and fast action card throwing. Guinness world record holder Rick Smith Jr. throws cards through apples, celery, bananas and watermelon rinds and uses pinpoint accuracy to hit additional targets up to 90 feet away. Our birthday party entertainment has been thrilling kids of all ages for over 15 years with thousands of performances.

Bar/BatMitzvah Entertainment
Rick Smith Jr. is in high demand for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  Options include Rick mingling with party guests performing close-up magic and micro illusions, or a stage show featuring comedy, illusions, and of course Rick’s famous card throwing routine. A tailored unique performance featuring your child in a professional stage illusion makes unforgettable memories of that special party or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Rick’s entertainment can be customized to your event’s needs and is perfect for entertaining guests of all ages – we will work with you to create a birthday party or Bar/Bat Mitzvah entertainment package that fits within your budget.

All party entertainment options include a lot of kid (young AND old!) participation. Kids will love the show and parents are going to watch and not want to leave either.

[dt_gap height=”10″][dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” background=”plain” animation=”none”]“When I first saw Rick perform, I was blown away! He was great with the audience, so fun to watch, and excellent with his craft. I was even more impressed when he told us that he’s the world record holder for card throwing for both speed and distance (Wow!). 

..I was interested in having him perform at my young daughter’s birthday party and was so pleased to see that his services were well within my budget. He returned my inquiry immediately and we set up the date (I was so excited to have “The” Rick Smith, Jr. perform for us!). 

Everything was awesome–Rick was very friendly to work with, extremely punctual and amazing with the audience, both kids and adults. I couldn’t have asked for more. I look forward to seeing another of his large-scale performances!”

–Sharon David, Writing and Editing Professional

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Interactive Magic Shows

Kids become the stars of the show!

All party guests can get involved with a small stage show performance that includes feats of magic for audiences of all ages.

Shows include interaction and close up magic on stage plus amazing illusions in a closer setting.

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Close up Magic

Interactive Close up magic engages kids on a personal level individually, which has a more lasting impact on the experience.

Close up magic is extremely kid friendly- even for the shyest ones, and can be performed virtually anywhere – backyards, basements, driveways; any place the kids want to gather.

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Card Throwing

Kids love action and birthday parties are no exception!

Guests can safely participate in the excitement of Guinness world record holder Rick Smith Jr. card throwing stunts.

Kids watch in wonder as Rick throws cards upwards of 90 miles per hour through apples, celery, bananas and watermelon rinds . Rick’s pinpoint accuracy to hit additional targets up to 90 feet away.