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The Art of Card Throwing 
with Rick Smith, Jr.



Learn How To:

  • Throw cards for speed, distance & Accuracy!
  • Slice vegetables with a single playing card!
  • Topple a pyramid of soda cans with a flick of the wrist!
  • Perform eye-popping stunts & flourishes with playing cards!

On this fascinating DVD, Rick teaches you how to spice up your magic by throwing cards for distance, speed and accuracy – slicing vegetables and even toppling a metal pyramid of soda cans. In addition to comprehensive instruction on his card throwing prowess, Rick also demonstrates and teaches numerous card flourishes and stunts, including eye-popping displays of card spinning, flicking and kicking.

Complete contents include:
Card Throwing-

Speed, distance and accuracy; throwing techniques, grips, stances, warm-ups and multiple card throws.
Card Throwing Stunts-

Slicing celery and knocking down soda cans.
Card Flourishes & Stunts-

Flick & catch behind the back; flick & catch in the center of the deck; flicking cards from the top and center of the deck; rapid fire flicking; thumb shooting; finger shooting; overhand shooting; flick tricks; fire flicking; back flicks; flick productions; card kicking; boomeranging cards; pop-up card productions; cross-over cards and much, much more!

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