Banshee Throwing Cards


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When showing off your card throwing skills, you want to have the best throws possible while also putting on a show for your audience. Banshee Throwing Cards are designed specifically for these purposes, and will impress any onlookers with the scream that they emit when thrown at high speeds.

In his Dude Perfect video, Rick breaks a bottle using nothing but a single Banshee Throwing Card. Not even solid glass could stand a chance against his incredible skill combined with the special construction of this card, which derives its toughness entirely from its structure. The small slits in the corners of each card create a distinctive sound as they go whizzing through the air, but do not take away from the card’s durability.

Throwing a card at high speeds is guaranteed to wow a crowd on its own, but Banshee Throwing Cards can make the performance even more impressive and dramatic. The unique design and added sound effect of these cards make them an essential addition to the arsenal of any card thrower.

Having the right throwing cards is essential to improving your technique, and Banshees are great for card throwers of any level. These cards are limited edition and guaranteed to go fast, so buy your deck now and begin throwing like Rick Smith Jr.!

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