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AS SEEN ON DUDEPERFECT! The Falcon Throwing Card Series has a HOT new version JUST RELEASED – THE AMAZING NEW FALCON RAZORS are NOW AVAILABLE! – This deck was designed for everything from poker, magic, card collecting, XCM and card throwing! A special stock was created specifially for Falcons by the United States Playing Card Company, makers of Bicycle ® Playing Cards.  This stock despite feeling like a normal playing card, is a hair thicker alowing this deck to be more durable and hit harder than a standard deck of playing cards.

This AMAZING collaboration between TWO Guinness World Record holders – magician Rick Smith Jr. and playing card legend De’vo is a MUST for all card lovers!You may have seen the original Falcon Throwing cards on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Dude Perfect or on countless viral youtube videos with well over 100 million views!  This deck took the card world by storm featuring a stock made by the USPC specifically for this deck! The original Falcon throwing cards were funded on Kickstarter!  We are proud to announce the sequel to this limited edition deck – “Silver Falcon Throwing Cards”.

The next evolution of the ultimate throwing card is here – introducing Banshees Advanced! This incredible deck has been re-engineered from the ground up for maximum speed, durability, precision, and impact. The Banshees Advanced not only achieves consistent and effortless card flight, it also produces a louder sonic scream like never before.

When showing off your card throwing skills, you want to have the best throws possible while also putting on a show for your audience. Banshee Throwing Cards are designed specifically for these purposes, and will impress any onlookers with the scream that they emit when thrown at high speeds.

In his Dude Perfect video, Rick breaks a bottle using nothing but a single Banshee Throwing Card. Not even solid glass could stand a chance against his incredible skill combined with the special construction of this card, which derives its toughness entirely from its structure. The small slits in the corners of each card create a distinctive sound as they go whizzing through the air, but do not take away from the card’s durability.

This gift set deck has 6 decks of cards, Gunmetal Foil Falcons, Standard RAZOR Falcons, Silver Foil Falcons, Standard Silver Falcons, Banshees and Banshee Advanced Throwing Cards! Limited to just 10 sets & a signed card by Rick Smith Jr!

Packaged & ready for the Holidays!

Combine with Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System

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1 Standard, 6 Pack, 1 Brick (12 Decks)

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