Chrome King Playing Cards – Used on Dude Perfect


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Used in Rick’s Dude Perfect “Card Throwing Trick Shots Pt.1) video for a number of tricks, Chrome Kings by De’Vo are fantastic for both throwing and playing games. These high performance cards are designed specifically for long-distance throws, and allow for the speed necessary to impress any crowd.

The precision engineering of Chrome Kings cards is reflected in their artwork, which features bold medieval weaponry on the face side and a sleek design on the back. Original 3D modeling was used to create the image on each and every card.

Chrome Kings started as a project on Kickstarter, and the concept was so popular on the crowdfunding site that it reached its funding goal only six hours after being uploaded. In this short amount of time, over 400 individual funders became involved in the project.

Because of their versatility, Chrome Kings can be used by absolutely anyone – whether you are just beginning to learn how to throw cards or you are trying to beat the world record, Chrome Kings can help you practice and perfect your technique.

These limited edition cards are unique, powerful, and in short supply, so make sure to get your deck before they run out!

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