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Used on Dude Perfect – Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

You may have seen the original Falcon Throwing cards on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Dude Perfect or on countless viral youtube videos with well over 150 million views!  This deck took the card world by storm featuring a stock made by the USPC specifically for this deck! The original Falcon throwing cards were funded on Kickstarter!  We are proud to announce the sequel to this limited edition deck – “Silver Falcon Throwing Cards”.

This AMAZING collaboration between 3 time Guinness World Record holder and magician Rick Smith Jr. and World Renowned card expert and Guinness World Record Holder De’vo vom Schattenreich is a MUST for all card lovers!  This one of a kind deck features a SPECIALTY stock cut that was DEVELOPED FOR THE ORIGINAL FALCON THROWING DECK BY THE USPC that enhances card throwing but is also perfect for normal card handling. Many features have been built into this deck making it PERFECT for Magicians, Card Players, Card Collectors and of course, Card Throwers!

PECIALTY USPC CARD STOCK CUT DESIGN FOR FALCON THROWING CARDSWe wanted this deck to be able to be used for more than just throwing, so the USPC developed a special “Thick” cut done from a Premium PAPER stock for this deck.  This allows the deck to handle and feel like a normal deck, but have a little more power when thrown.  The Falcon Throwing cards silver deck is only a few cards thicker than a normal deck when set next to each other.  Because of slight extra thickness, there are 54 cards in each box.  52 standard cards plus 1 Jokers and 1 double backer.

AMAZING HIGH CONTRAST WING DESIGN BUILT FOR THROWING/FANNING – The unique back design has De’vo’s signature twin tip mirror back concept, meaning that you will get different fans depending on which way you fan them.  The back design is also optimized for card throwing, allowing you to be able to see the card better at greater distances due to the high contrast corner design

CUSTOM PIPS, NUMBERS AND FACES – All of the pips and numbers are 100% custom!  The faces feature De’vo’s signature faceless court design in a beautiful silver/red colored ink for red cards, and blue/black for black cards.

2 INCLUDED SPECIALTY CARDS FOR MAGICIANS – The Joker contains a built in card reveal that can be used with many different magic tricks along with a color changing double backer.

– Color Changing Double backer can make it appear that a selected card changes back color.  Also because this back mirrors our original Falcons deck this double backer can also be used in with the original deck!Joker Card Reveal Card – you can make it appear that a falcon grabs a selected card out of the deck and many many other tricks.

CARD THROWING 3 STAR MARKING SYSTEM – All face cards have a 3 star Card Throwing Marking System below the numbers that will allow you to measure how deep your card goes into different objects. The marking system allows you to measure how hard you threw the cards based on how far they stick into your target.  Note – if you are hitting a hard object such as a wall you can use the stars to see where the corner was bent at.

Combine with Velocity: High-Caliber Card Throwing System



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1 Standard, 6 Pack, 1 Brick (12 Decks)

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